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SGN NanoPharma Inc became operational in August 2010 with the acquisition of the MNP Technology Platform in its entirety from Novavax Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX).

Novavax spent several years and ~$100 million in developing the 1st generation MNP Platform and obtained FDA approval for Estrasorb (estrogen topical lotion for relief of menopausal symptoms) and successfully completed a Phase I trial with a Testosterone MNP formulation.

After acquiring the MNP Technology from Novavax, SGN Nanopharma has refined it to improve the long-term stability of the technology.

  • We have successfully formulated over 20 already marketed drugs with varying solubility and physical characteristics to establish the versatility of the MNP Platform.
  • We now have over 2 years of stability data for 10+ formulations establishing the translatability of this platform into successful commercial products.
  • We successfully scaled up and launched in India a MNP-Cyclosporine formulation for dry eye disease and are in the process of initiating three Phase II, proof of concept, clinical studies in India.
  • Since our technology is ideally suited to formulate and deliver poorly water soluble compounds like Cannabinoids, we have made the strategic decision to focus on developing several MNP NanoCannabinoid formulations and expect to file NanoCannabinoid Phase I INDs in 2018.
  • We currently have two families of patents pending with the USPTO and anticipate additional filings this year.

Developing Next Generation NanoCannabinoid Formulations

SGN NanoPharma is an innovative, clinical-stage and revenue-generating developer of nanotherapeutics. The Company combines proprietary nanotechnologies with structural biology to generate superior solutions by (a) reformulating FDA approved drugs that are sub-optimal and (b) by developing novel therapies. SGN is committed to the development of nano-cannabinoid candidate products targeting transdermal delivery, increased bioavailability, and reduced psychotropic effects. Our aim is  to safely deliver large dose therapies as an alternative to many traditional medicines such as opiates, which are currently considered over prescribed and potentially life-threatening.

SGN Nanopharma Inc.
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Legal Counsel : Greenberg Traurig
Auditor: MFA – Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico

Incorporation: February 25, 2010

Fiscal Year End: December, 31

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