About Us

Near Term & Global Strategies

Multiple Opportunities with Layered Revenue Horizons

SGN NanoPharma, a Florida, USA Corp., is a cutting edge, clinical-stage, revenue generating, nanotherapeutics company that combines proprietary nanotechnologies with structural biology to generate superior medicine.

We intend to be a leading global nanomedicine company. We have developed near term and global strategies to achieve that goal.

  • Near Term

Our near term focus is to:

(a) formulate Cannabinoids to generate ophthalmic, neural and transdermal formulations to address large unmet medical needs and,

(b) reformulate underperforming FDA approved drugs that are sub-optimal due to poor water solubility and low bioavailability.

  • Global

A key component of our strategy and focus is to generate revenues via MNP Technology-based products in India and related emerging markets from the outset, while conducting proof-of-concept (POC) clinical trials for US and other regulated markets in low-cost geographies such as India.

  • Revenue generation via product marketing partnerships in India and emerging markets is already underway.
  • Phase II studies ongoing, Data expected 1H2020. Additional proof of concept Phase II studies to be initiated in 1H2020

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