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About Us

Learn more about our vision and goals to revolutionize the world of nano-pharmaceuticals.

SGN is an innovation-led, clinical-stage, nano-pharmaceutical company that is focused on creating impactful, best-in-class nanotherapeutics targeting large unmet medical needs, while reducing the cost of, and time to commercialization.

Creating Impactful, Clinically Differentiated Medicines

our Company's vision

Our cutting edge approach

Creating Best-in-Class, Fixed-Dose Combination Nanomedicines

Inadequacy of the Current Paradigm

We believe the algorithm that monotherapies can effectively cure/manage chronic diseases which are caused by multiple biochemical defects, is simplistic and outdated.

Our Strategy

Attacking chronic diseases with a combination of two or more effective drugs targeting multiple underlying biochemical causes of disease simultaneously in one formulation will generate more impactful medicines.

Our Approach

We are harnessing the power of our proprietary nanotechnology in a capital efficient manner to create a novel pipeline of Superior, Clinically Differentiated, small-molecule combination nanomedicines.