Emerging Markets

Globalization - A Market Reality

Rising Living Standards Create New Opportunities

With globalization and emergence of India and China as major economies, Emerging markets comprising India, China, Latin America, Africa and Asia, are increasingly becoming relevant, though most of the pharmaceutical revenue (>80%) comes from the Regulated markets comprising of USA, EU and Japan.

The regulatory approval bar and cost in many emerging markets is much lower and entry into these markets is possible faster than the regulated markets. We have obtained a few marketing approvals and are presently conducting clinical studies which will expand our product portfolio in these markets.

SGN’s mandate is to be a leading nanotherapeutics player bringing novel and superior medicines to global markets in a cost-effective manner.

Emerging markets primarily are generic markets. With rising standards of living and poor quality medicines, we believe, there exists a great opportunity for superior, differentiated but cost-effective medicines in these markets. We are therefore focused on bringing high quality, differentiated, yet cost-effective nanomedicines to these markets which provide a superior alternative to branded generics without a significant premium – providing quality at a reasonable price.

We successfully launched ophthalmic MNP Nanocyclosporine for dry eye (in India), which has shown superiority to current standard of care, RestasisTM (also cyclosporine formulation), in pre-clinical models. We initiated a 150 patient, Phase II clinical study of preservative-free, MNP Nanocyclosporine vs RestasisTM to explore and establish superior clinical benefits of our MNP-Nanocyclosporine formulations over RestasisTM.

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