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Our Partnerships

Strategic Partnership with a CDMO in USA, including Investment in SGN

SGN entered a ~$6.5MM Strategic Development Partnership for three of its Pipeline Products with a US based CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) in Q2 2023.

The CDMO partner is accepting Equity for all CMC development including material & packaging costs and will acquire commercial manufacturing rights to the three SGN products. In addition, the CDMO partner will infuse $2.7 MM in cash as equity investment in SGN Nanopharma over the next year.

  • CDMO will generate CMC packages for Phase-3 IND filings for 3 pipeline products.
  • CDMO will supply all clinical trial materials for the three products.
  • Academic

    SGN Nanopharma, has three actively funded research programs (“Micellar Nanoparticle Nanoformulations for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury”; “Nanoformulations of Cannabinoids for Nose-to-Brain Delivery” and “Nanoformulations of Cannabinoids and Other Drugs”) from the State of Florida (Florida I4 HiTech Corridor Grants) and has received over $1 million in matching funding for R&D from the Florida HiTech Corridor (administered through the University of South Florida). Over the past six plus years, SGN’s collaboration with the Florida HiTech Corridor and USF has continued to thrive with more than 65 USF Master’s students conducting their thesis research and internships at SGN labs under Dr. Pranav Patel’s mentorship and with SGN hiring over two dozen USF graduates over that span.

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    Supply & Licensing Deals with Partners in India, Middle East & North Africa and South East Asia

    Medicom Healthcare is a fast-growing company in the Global Ophthalmic Market with a mission to provide high-quality eyecare products designed to protect the cornea by eliminating preservatives and other cytotoxic additives. Medicom is our semi-exclusive partner for preservative-free MNP Cyclosporine in the Indian market.

    Wellesta Healthcare Singapore Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of Wellesta Holdings Pte Ltd, is set up to support companies in the Healthcare sector to provide commercial support and market access in India, SEA and MENA through a footprint of their partners and subsidiaries. Wellesta is our partner for MNP Cyclosporine in India, SEA and MENA. In addition, they are the exclusive distribution partner for SGN’s hair growth range of products in India.

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    Exploring new technologies in pharmaceuticals and their applications to address unmet medical needs remains of paramount interest to us. 

    We are committed to making the promise of nanomedicines a reality by delivering clinically superior and cost-effective nanotherapeutics that beat the current gold standards in medicine and significantly improve the quality of global healthcare.