Enhanced Pharmaceuticals

New Therapeutic Approaches PLUS Approved Underperforming Drugs Repurposed for Success

SGN Nanopharma is advancing to commercialization several repurposed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) already approved and off-patent as well as novel therapeutics addressing large markets and unmet medical needs.

Since the 1990’s, approximately 60% of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) developed or under development as medicines are poorly water soluble and hence can be improved and delivered effectively via Micellar Nanoparticle (MNP) Technology formulations. Delivering small molecule therapeutics effectively remains a key challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our research efforts are focused on applying the MNP Technology to:

  1. Re-purpose existing approved drugs that are off-patent now or in near-future and are sub-optimal in efficacy and/or safety
  2. Formulate novel therapeutics that address unmet needs and sizable markets.

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