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Our MNP Nano-Tech Platform

A brief introduction to MNP Nano-technology, our patents, and our processes.


“Nano-pharmaceutics” is the science that deals with the application of principles of nanotechnology in pharmaceutics. Because of their size effect, these delivery systems are capable of altering the properties of a drug, including their bioavailability, biodistribution and pharmacokinetics. Nanotechnology has enabled breakthroughs in the fields of drug delivery and formulation development.

Our discovery process starts in our state-of-the-art, DEA-approved laboratory, housed within the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus. Under the direction of Dr. Pranav Patel and using our “back only winners” mantra and Quality by Design (QbD) as the guiding principles, the pre-clinical modeling begins.

Our process is centered on driving down the costs and risks associated with the commercialization process from the beginning. Step one is to identify unmet medical needs and the attendant commercial opportunities they create. We then employ the unique and superior capabilities of the MNP platform to enable the engineering of multiple complex, highly bioavailable formulations containing multiple APIs and the ability to control release characteristics.