Product Development

Value Generation

We have a capital-efficient framework for sustained innovation through outsourcing and leveraging global cost and regulatory arbitrage.

Our primary product development focus is on:

  1. Existing Product Enhancements (reformulations & repurposing) using nanotech to capitalize on market opportunities presented by sub-optimal, poorly water-soluble drugs, and
  2. Innovation of Novel Therapies using bioinformatics, chemical synthesis coupled with Nano-delivery systems to develop long-term value generation.
  3. NanoCannabinoid Formulations

Reformulation & pre-clinical work is being conducted in dedicated nanotechnology labs in the United States.

Structural Biology work is being undertaken with an Auxiliary Research Organization (ARO) offering state-of-the-art capabilities.

We operate a wholly owned Indian subsidiary, New India Biopharma Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures products for sale in emerging markets & also conducts Proof of Concept clinical trials.

We intend to initially out-license and co-develop most nanotherapies for the US, EU & Japan pharma markets. We aim to also directly develop several high value assets through advanced clinical stages and approval.

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